My First Animals

Paperback cover of My First Animals

Published by DK Children

RRP: £6.99

About My First Animals

Colourful flashcards with tactile elements are perfect for giving toddlers a head start. This set of 16 colourful animal picture cards is perfect for pre-school play.

Expertly designed to boost early language development, these sturdy cards make learning about animals enjoyable! Vibrant images and fun textures on every flashcard will keep your little one interested and engaged.

Each card has a special cut-out area with an added texture, from a fluffy puppy to a stripy fish. Your child will love learning about the shapes, colours, and sounds of their new favourite animals. Look out for the prompts on the back of each card to provide extra information and talking points.

Translations come in four additional languages to English - Spanish, German, French, and Chinese. This encourages your child to fall in love with language learning from a young age. There is a handy pronunciation guide next to each word, so your little one can sound out the words with you.

This set of engaging flashcards includes an additional card to guide parents as they play with their little animal-lovers! Discover tips for creative learning and fun-filled activities to get your kids thinking and talking. These unique textured cards encourage children to learn all about animals as they look, touch and talk.

Learn All About the Animal World, One Card at a Time!

- 16 colourful flashcards for kids
- Bright, clear photographs and textures of many adorable animals
- Parent guide with creative learning games to share with kids
- Prompts and word translations on the back of each card provide extra information and talking points

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