How To Be a Coder

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Published by DK Children

By Kiki Prottsman

RRP: £12.99

About How To Be a Coder

Learn to think like a coder without a computer! Each of the fun craft activities included in this book will teach you about a key concept of computer programming and can be done completely offline. Then you can put your skills into practise by trying out the simple programs provided in the online, child-friendly computer language Scratch.

Learn about loops by making music, find out about programming by planning a scavenger hunt, and discover how functions work with paper fortune tellers. Children can discover the skills used by coders by doing practical projects and then learn how to use each of these ideas by creating fun programs in Scratch including a game using a micro:bit minicomputer.

Perfect for kids aged 7-9, the various STEAM activities will help teach children the crucial skills of logical thinking that will give them a head-start for when they begin programming on a computer. Famous scientist pages teach children about coding pioneers, such as Alan Turing and Katherine Johnson, and topic pages, such as the internet, give kids a wider understanding of the subject.

Written by computer science expert Kiki Prottsman, How to be a Coder is so much fun kids won't realize they're learning!