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Published by DK Children

By Kiki Prottsman

RRP: £12.99

About My First Coding Book

Get with the program! Introduce your child to the wonderful world of coding. Packed with flaps, wheels and sliders, this is the essential guide for children wishing to learn the ins and outs of coding.

Written specifically for Key Stage 1 level, My First Coding Book teaches your child how to understand and use basic algorithms and bug fixes. The eye-catching illustrations and hands-on sliders will not only keep your little ones entertained, but will help to improve their ability to solve maths problems as well!

Computer coding is now a key part of the UK National Curriculum and is taught to children as soon as they begin school. My First Coding Book offers a unique and exciting alternative to dull worksheets and is perfect for teachers, parents or grandparents introducing their children to computing.

Give your child a head start without the need for a computer.