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Published by DK

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About Salads and Dressings

Little twists go a long way in this handy book with over 100 delicious salad recipes to inspire your cooking and liven up your mealtimes.

Try It! Salads and Dressings shows you how to use healthy and filling ingredients to concoct nutritious and tasty salad bowls, jars, platters, and lunches. Try out a tabbouleh or panzanella, mix things up with raddichio and proscuitto, and complete your dish with a selection of dressings.

Whip up an array of superfood salads, on-the-go lunches, sauces and dressings, and warm dishes including coriander and walnut pesto, aioli, aubergine salad bowls, and vegan herbed tabbouleh. Learn which flavours to pair together with a handy guide to salad dressings, and transform a boring dish into a healthy and filling meal.