Ultimate Marvel

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Published by DK Children

Contributions by Adam Bray, Lorraine Cink, Melanie Scott, Stephen Wiacek

RRP: £35.00

"Hefty hardback Ultimate Marvel runs through every significant character, location and vehicle in the company's history, with lashings of comic art and cut-away diagrams."


About Ultimate Marvel

This definitive in-world guide to the Marvel Comics Universe features, in chronological order, every significant Marvel Comic character, location, vehicle, and weapon in the company's illustrious history.

Go on a fact- and fun-filled journey via the first major Marvel heroes, villains, cowboy stars, and comic characters of the 1940s and 1950s to the iconic, timeless Super Heroes and Super Villains of the Marvel Age of the 1960s and beyond, such as Thor, Hulk, Spider-Man, Black Widow, Doctor Strange, Iron Man, the Avengers, Storm, Loki, and Green Goblin. Further sections feature key vehicles and technology, magical artifacts, planets, countries, and places, plus a glimpse behind the scenes into Marvel Comics' creative processes and techniques. Cover artwork is by esteemed comic book artist Adi Granov. Including authoritative text by Marvel Comics experts, spectacular artwork from the original comic books, and 2 exclusive prints all presented in a stunning slipcase.

Foreword by Roy Thomas.

Sections include: Super heroes and villains, vehicles, weapons and technology, cosmic powers, magical artefacts, planets and realms and countries and places.

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