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Published by DK Children

By Kelly Knox

RRP: £18.99

"A monster manual of epic proportions"

Starburst online

"A feast of scientific folly, vicarious carnage and funky names"

Total Film

About Marvel Monsters

All Super Heroes need a monster to fight, or a monstrous sidekick to help them. Some are even monsters themselves.

This comprehensive field guide to Marvel flora, fauna, and beasts great and small shows off claws, teeth, tails, and wings in sumptuous, never-seen-before detail.

From tyrannosaurus rexes from alternative worlds and genetically modified deinonychuses from the future, to purple cat-sized dragons and swamp monsters, the Marvel multiverse is brimming with creatures both heroic and villainous. Explore swamps and the Savage Lands and more. Discover aerial beasts, artificially created creatures, and even monster team ups. This anthology is a beautifully curated guide to the best and the worst and ensures you will never get Fin Fang Foom and Tim Boom Ba mixed up again!

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