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Published by DK Children

RRP: £12.99

"The instructions were really easy to follow and they were fun to make. The materials you need are all things that you would have in the house... My eight year old daughter loved the book so much that she wants to buy a copy for her friend's upcoming birthday"


"A truly inspiring craft book and simple to understand for all ages. I would definitely recommend it!!!"


"As a mother and also a beaver scout leader this book will be very useful and will give me lots of craft ideas"


"A terrific book... Each of the designs in the book are engaging and interesting. I think this book will keep us busy for many a rainy day to come!"


"A great book which will have an extremely long shelf life in this household"


"Both my children enjoy making things, so this was right up their street... There were things to make to suit both my children... There was nothing too complicated to make, and we are going to be trying out some more things next time they are off school. A big thumbs up for this book"


"Fantastic book! So many wonderful ideas which my class and I have already been busy making"


About Out of the Box

Book category winner of the Creative Play Award 2017

Out of the Box will broaden your child's imagination and develop craft skills through interactive play and creativity with clear step-by-step instructions showing you how to build 25 astonishing cardboard models.

Build something brilliant with recycled card, from castles to animal masks, dens and even lizards! You will be astounded at what the humble cardboard box can be transformed into. Out of the Box is a new approach to recycling that will provide hours of entertainment and endless fun.

Perfect for children aged 7 to 12, Out of the Box is packed full of ideas to encourage creativity, featuring detailed photographic explanations and colourful inspiration sheets that will inspire imaginative minds.