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Published by DK Children

By Jane Bull

RRP: £9.99

About Stitch-by-Stitch

Discover needlecraft with 20 simple and fun sewing craft projects for young crafters to try.

This hands-on sewing book shows inquisitive children how to do basic needlecraft. Explore more than 20 fun-filled projects, each with clear instructions and step-by-step photos that are easy to follow.

Stitch by Stitch will make young crafters aged 7-11 become confident at sewing projects, from stitched felt flowers to a cute crocheted bag. They will discover how to knit a simple doll's scarf and find out how to create a colourful patchwork cushion. Award-winning author Jane Bull combines her unique arty style and excellent instructions to teach children how to knit, sew, crochet, appliqué, embroider, and patchwork.

This hands-on sewing book for kids offers:

- Projects that will help children acquire skills in basic stitching, knitting, and crocheting from a small crocheted bag to a sewn patchwork ball.
- A revised edition which has lightly refreshed designs and fonts throughout the pages.
- Clear step-by-step photography that guides children through each project, and straightforward explanations makes the sewing skills behind the projects clear and accessible.
- Activities that are easy for children to do on their own. Only a handful of steps need an adult to do them instead of the child.

Stitch-by-Stitch will inspire a new generation of children who are just starting out on their creative journey of making things from scratch. Children can make beautiful stitched items for themselves or to use as gifts for friends and family. They will finally find something fun to do with those spare beads and buttons that are lying around!