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Published by DK Children

Foreword by Aled Jones

RRP: £8.99

About All About Religion

What was the first religion and where did it start? What is atheism? Why do some people wear turbans? Made for kids who ask the hard questions, this book gives answers to these and many more questions about religion.

With a foreword by TV and radio personality Aled Jones, All About Religion is a perfect introduction to all the main faiths, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. The book traces the history of different religions and faiths around the world and deconstructs complex topics into easy-to-consume sections.

From the oldest beliefs to new religious movements and modern spirituality, All About Religion presents the facts in an unbiased way. Learn about different scriptures, know about places of worship, and find out why followers of some religions eat certain foods and wear specific clothes.

This book for children promotes understanding, tolerance, and respect for people whatever they believe.