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Published by DK

Consultant editor Benjamin Philips, Tammi J Schneider

RRP: £18.99

About The Bible Book

How does God speak through prophecy? What is the significance of the Transfiguration? Explore these questions and more with this guide to one of the world's most important religious texts.

Learn about the ideas and beliefs key to the teachings of the most widely printed religious book of all time, in this perfect introduction to The Bible.

The Bible Book features breakdowns of some of the most well-known passages ever written from The Bible. Looking at more than 100 of the most important Old and New Testament stories through clear and easy-to-follow spreads, The Bible Book profiles key figures, from Adam and Eve to Peter and Paul; locations, such as Jerusalem and Rome; and essential theological theories, like the Trinity, to help create a clear insight into Christianity.

Packed with biblical quotes, flowcharts, and infographics explaining significant concepts clearly and simply, The Bible Book is perfect for anyone with an interest in religion.