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Published by DK Children

By John Woodward

RRP: £19.99

"A colourful and visually exciting reference book for animal lovers, and remarkable value at the price. Christmas may have passed but the book's attractive production makes it suitable for a birthday, not just the reference or library shelf.<i></i>"

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About Knowledge Encyclopedia Animal!

Take a walk on the wild side with this amazing animal encyclopedia for children.

From anteaters to zebras and everything in between, the jaw-dropping, heart-stopping world of the animal kingdom is explored in unforgettable images and comprehensive detail.

Knowledge Encyclopedia: Animal! is the perfect home-study aid, showcasing the range of life soaring the skies, climbing the mountains, stalking the grasslands, and swimming the seas. All kinds of species are seen in spectacular 3D images, alongside accessible fact files and supporting information about biology, habitats, and ecosystems.

This standout DK home reference encompasses a whole history of evolution and extinction, the classification of animals, the reasons insects are the world's most successful creatures, the threats facing endangered animals, and a complete timeline of life on Earth.

This beautiful book brings the natural world into your home, sparking a love of animals in children that will last a lifetime.