Noisy Animal Peekaboo!

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Published by DK Children

RRP: £8.99

About Noisy Animal Peekaboo!

Hear a lion, an orang-utan, and more in this fun peekaboo title, one of DK's noisy, lift the flap, toddler books.
Read about the sounds animals make, including owls going twit-twoo, bees buzzing, snakes hissing, and penguins honking. Then listen to an exciting animal noise on each page - from a ribbiting frog, and a whale going splash, to an elephant's trumpety trump, and a lion's loud roar! Let your little one play and learn, as they discover favourite animals and the noises they make in this interactive sound book for young children.
Babies and toddlers can join in the fun and lift the big flaps to reveal each animal making its funny noise underneath. The sturdy pages are ideal for them to hold, and the hands-on, lift the flap game rewards their curiosity, and builds their fine motor skills and book confidence. Part of DK's successful series of noisy peekaboo books for babies and toddlers, each with inviting pictures and five fantastic, light-activated sounds!
Please note: The sounds are light-activated - if you are reading the book in a darkened room, i.e., before bed, or not near good light, such as a window, the noises might not work.