How to be Good at Maths

How to be Good at Maths

Published by DK Children

By Carol Vorderman

RRP: £16.99

Book description

Need help with fractions? Baffled by negative numbers? Then look no further, because this simple, visual guide demystifies primary maths and makes it fun for even the most reluctant student.

Designed to be used either by kids working on their own or with the help of an adult, How to be Good at Maths features colourful graphics and simple numbered steps to teach basic numeracy to children in Key Stage 2 (US grades 2-5). Real-life examples and fascinating facts reinforce the explanation - for example, fly down a zipwire to learn the basics of geometry, time a robot running race to convert decimals, and even find out how much you would weigh on Jupiter. Like all good teachers, this book shows kids how to approach a problem using more than one method, as well as setting them challenges to keep them stimulated and practise what they've learned.

With its innovative visual approach and expertly written text, How to be Good at Maths makes primary maths easier to understand than ever before.