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Published by DK Children

By Ben Morgan

RRP: £7.99

About Rock & Fossil Hunter

Become a rockstar with your own collection of gems, fossils, and rocks. Explore the incredible world of rocks with this amazing activity book for children.

From creating your own volcano to growing gemstones at home, Rock and Fossil Hunter is filled with fun activities for curious young minds. With more than 30 projects, this book is ideal to keep children busy. Test the hardness of different rocks, make paint from minerals, discover the minerals in everyday objects around you and conduct acid tests on some of them, and even explore extraordinary minerals that glow under special lights.

Each activity is accompanied by detailed step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow and a special symbol indicates which activities require adult supervision. Find out how fossils are made and learn how to not only spot them in nature but make fake fossil bones at home.

More than 50 stunning stickers are included alongside the activities.

Get building, testing, and learning with this fantastic book made for curious kids.