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Published by DK

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"Beautifully packaged and very authoritative"

Country Walking

" opening the drawers of a Victorian natural-history cabinet... beautifully photographed. Eye candy for nature lovers of all ages"

BBC Wildlife

"An absolute browser's delight"

Bird Watching

"Not since the first pre-dawn unwrapping of a <i>Christmas Annual For Boys </i>have I leafed through a new book with quite the wonder commanded by The Natural History Book. -- Michael Viney"

Irish Times

"A strikingly illustrated bible."

Country Life

"Compiled by a team of experts, it is thorough, knowledgeable and authentic."

The Field

"A spectacular and exceptionally well-illustrated guide to life."

How It Works

"If anyone can provide a succinct potted reference book on any subject under the sun, DK can."

The Daily Express

"It is the kind of book you will pore over for hours."

The Natural History Book

About The Natural History Book

Back and better - DK's biggest natural history book is given a fresh update.

Explore life on Earth through this monumental and beautiful guide. From sandstone to silver, tiny toadstool to a mighty oak, and amoeba to zebra, along with everything in between - this is the ultimate visual guide to Earth's wildlife and natural history!

This incredible book has been updated with some of the latest scientific discoveries - including new species and images! It also includes:

- Full-colour pictorial galleries that build into a stunning visual catalogue of more than 5,000 species
- Comprehensive coverage of more than 500 rocks, minerals, and fossils
- Commissioned photographic features zoom in on star species
- Each geological and biological grouping is introduced and explained
- An illustrated introduction explaining key subjects such as the formation of rocks and minerals, the origins of life, and the evolution and classification of living organisms
- A glossary of important natural history terms, an index of common and scientific names, and groupings

Since the original release 11 years ago, thousands of new species and revelations have been identified and added to The Natural History Book for this updated 2nd edition. After a decade of scientific exploration, the new edition exudes mind-blowing discoveries and celebrates the diversity of the natural world. Acquaint yourself with the olinguito (the "kitty bear" of the Andean cloud forest) and a new species of deep-sea Bolosoma glass sponge photographed by the NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer.

The breathtaking animal and nature encyclopedia was researched and written by a team of natural history experts that guarantees only the best and latest information. It's a perfect addition to every family bookshelf and an ideal gift for any nature lovers.