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Published by DK

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About 101 Essential Tips Yoga

"Make yoga your favorite hobby and go-to workout with this pocket-sized guide, the perfect yoga book for everyday fitness.

With step-by-step guides to more than 30 yoga poses and stretches, as well as breathing exercises and other yoga tips, this book will be your yoga bible. It also shows you how to warm up, cool down, and get the most out of your practice to reap all the benefits of yoga, from better posture to peace of mind.

101 Essential Tips: Yoga is the perfect guide to yoga for beginners and more experienced yogis alike, featuring plenty of achievable yoga positions to build into your workout; it will soon become one of your favorite exercise books.

Whether you're doing yoga for weight loss, building up your strength, or just taking the time to relax, this fully illustrated guide will help you turn your living room into a yoga studio."