Books to Boost Your New Year's Resolutions

The perfect books to put your best foot forward

Start 2019 feeling refreshed and de-stressed, happy, healthy and well. We've rounded up our favourite practical and inspirational guides to help you achieve your goals for the New Year. Find the right book to match your resolution below.


For getting fit and eating well

Balance Your Life: This 6-week exercise and eating programme is designed for busy people. It’s the perfect way to start your year feeling calmer and healthier in body and in mind.


For taking your fitness game to the next level

Feed Your Fitness: Planning to run that marathon this year? Or want to reach a weightlifting goal? This powerful sports nutrition book includes more than 80 easy-to-prepare recipes designed to fuel high performance.


For loving healthy eating

Super Clean Super Foods: Want to try clean eating, but not sure where to begin? This easy-to-follow guide includes everything you need to know to power up your plate with flavour.


For reaching weight loss goals

100 Weight Loss Bowls: This delicious, no-fuss recipe book includes 100 bowl recipes, clearly colour-coded by calories to help you build a personalised diet plan.


For unlocking your full potential

Success The Psychology of Achievement: Whether you're eager to climb the career ladder, or are seeking fulliment in your personal life, this comprehensive guide includes practical tools and strategies to unlock success across the board.


For managing stress and boosting productivity

Stress The Psychology of Managing Pressure: Leave your high stress levels behind in 2018! Drawing on practical psychology, this guide teaches you how to manage your energy in every area of your life, to emerge happier, healthier and more productive.


For living more mindfully

Practical Mindfulness: Achieve calm and control with this step-by-step guide on how to be mindful. Including breathing techniques and meditation exercises, it's the perfect companion to a calmer 2019.


For doing Dry January, deliciously

Mocktails, Punches & Shrubs: Trade your ordinary tipples for delicious non-alcoholic options with this exciting recipe book. Including non-alcholic cocktails as well as teas, juices and more, it's the perfect thing for Dry January – and the entire year!


For learning a new language

15 Minute Spanish: Say Hola to the New Year with this must-have guide for Spanish language learners, or browse our full range of global language guides.


For tackling that travel bug

Where to Go When: Quench your wanderlust in 2019, and get inspired with this ultimate holiday planner. Once you've chosen a destination (or two, or ten), don't forget to browse our full range of DK Eyewitness travel guides to bring with you.