Peek and Seek

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Published by DK Children

Illustrated by Charlotte Milner

About Peek and Seek

With 28 objects to count and find in each illustrated animal scene, this hide and seek book for children with lift the flaps is packed with puzzles and interactive fun!

Peek under the flap to reveal the flock of birds in the sky, or school of fish in the coral reef. Then seek all sorts of objects hidden in the animal crowd. Can you find two top hats and five paper planes?

Children will want to go back again and again to each of Charlotte Milner's intricately illustrated animal gatherings, and they'll discover something new every time! There are fabulous facts and things to learn along the way, such as how monkeys keep each other clean, and animal collective nouns - did you know that a group of monkeys is called a troop? Children can lift the flap to reveal an army of ants busy at work, or a shimmering school of fish (with shiny foil) passing through the colourful coral reef, and they'll discover why some animals work best as a team.

Peek and Seek's combination of gentle learning with fun activities, will enable little ones to develop their hand-eye coordination, counting and observational skills, all the while being engaged and having fun!