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Published by DK

By Matthew Biggs

"An inspiring seed-to-plate guide to cultivating more than 50 out-of-the-ordinary fruits and vegetables"

Gardens Illustrated

"A crash course in cultivation and for those with a little know-how, there are suggestions for fast-growing crops, plants that like shade and tasty treats that flourish in boggy or dry areas."

S Magazine (Sunday Express)

"Incredible Edibles is an invitation to look beyond the familiar fruit, vegetables and herbs, and try something deliciously different."

Gardens Illustrated

About Incredible Edibles

Be inspired to cultivate and cook amazing new crops with this seed-to-plate guide to more than 50 out-of-the-ordinary edibles.

Whether you're new to grow-your-own and determined to make the most of limited space with a truly gourmet harvest, or a seasoned grower looking to spice up the kitchen garden with brand new flavour experiences, Incredible Edibles has something for everyone. It offers step-by-step instructions, giving you the confidence to grow some unusually tasty crops; from the well-known turmeric and goji berry, to the more exotic cucamelon and strawberry spinach. It includes guidance on how to store, keep fresh, and preserve your crops so that nothing goes to waste.