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Published by DK

Editor-in-chief Giles Chapman

"'Comprehensive histories of the classic car world are notoriously hard to write definitively - and even harder to get right. But Giles Chapman manages to do just that with <i>The Classic Car Book.' </i>"

Daily Express

About The Classic Car Book

A spectacular celebration of the most iconic vintage cars.

With more than 1300 colour photographs of the key classic cars from every decade since the 1940s to the 1980s, you'll meet the designers behind these beautiful machines and discover the story of their manufacturers.

Here's what you'll find inside this lavishly illustrated vintage car book:

- Comprehensive catalogues draw out the key features of each important model, with detailed profiles and specifications
- Feature spreads broaden the scope of this classic car guide, covering everything from the designers and manufacturers who created them to their evolution over the decades
- Stunningly shot DPS images add an extra layer of colour and flavour to this book about classic cars
- Written by award-winning author and expert on all aspects of motoring, Giles Chapman

From Bentley and Mercedes to Ferrari and Aston Martin, Classic Car tells you the story of more than 20 great marques in incredible detail. It places classic cars into a wider cultural context and charts their enduring legacy as symbols of luxury and objects of desire.

This car reference book puts you in the driving seat of the Chevrolet Corvette, the Ford Thunderbird, and the Jaguar C-type. It's packed with stunning photographic catalogues that showcase the iconic cars of every era and specially commissioned photographs that pick out key details of each featured model.

Whether you're a collector of these super-cool cars or a motor enthusiast, there is simply no other classic car book that compares.