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Published by DK Children

About Early Years Collection

Introducing 40 fun-filled titles to encourage early learning and help little one's discover the diverse world around them, one book at a time!

Let your child spread their wings and soar into this excellent array of books, craftily curated to encompass fundamental learning goals from the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and the Montessori Plane of Development, providing an outstanding learning environment to stimulate their knowledge, development, and creativity.

These child development books will inspire young readers through a diverse range of titles, positively influencing their literacy and communication skills, whilst ensuring they stay engaged and curious about the world around them.

From 'My First 123' to 'The Best Maths Book Ever', whether it's first words or enchanting fairy-tale adventures, The Early Years Collection promises an endless supply of early-learning books to keep children enthralled for hours on end!

Placing a particular emphasis on language development, this comprehensive collection aims to enhance your child's vocabulary abilities, nurture their numeracy skills and quench their curiosity on the communities and cultures of the big wide world, all whilst giving them ample opportunity to thrive both linguistically and creatively.

Proving the perfect bundle of books for children aged 3-5, these niche nursery books contain everything they need for optimum development, including:

- A well-rounded selection of early-education books to create an exceptional learning experience for young readers

- 43 book titles encompassing a rich mix of themes to enhance the power of reading for pleasure

- Non-fiction books that will heighten your child's social and cultural awareness of the world around them

- A selection of 'First Emotions' titles to promote personal growth in young learners, proving pivotal for self-regulation and emotional development.

Let DK plant the seed of curiosity in the minds of our young readers, and watch as it blossoms into a life-long love of reading, whilst quenching their thirst for knowledge and developing their communication skills with this ideal book box set for children.

Encourage your child's imagination to run wild as they get lost in the fables of 'Once Upon A Time', celebrate as they find their feet with 'My First Yoga', or revel in green-fingered glory with 'Let's Get Gardening.'

Thoughtfully curated by early education specialists, this collection is designed to provide high-quality support to children's learning with material chosen to stimulate thought, creativity, imagination and expression.