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Published by DK Children

About The New Children's Encyclopedia

Discover the fully updated, new edition of DK's bestselling reference book - containing all the latest knowledge and current thinking in a fresh new design.

When? Where? What? Why? This stimulating and comprehensive encyclopedia answers all the burning questions that curious children love to ask! Each chapter is jam-packed with maps, charts, timelines, diagrams, beautiful images, and amazing facts.

Did you know, for example, that a single drop of blood contains five million blood cells? Or that there are areas of desert on all seven of Earth's continents? Prepare to expand your child's knowledge on a wide range of fascinating topics - including Earth and beyond, plants and animals, history and politics, science, technology, and the human body.

Children aged 9+ can discover:

- Easily accessible, flashcard-style facts that highlight key information
- A compelling combination of solid knowledge and stunning visual features
- Updated facts and images, making this edition perfect for the next generation of readers
- Chapters that are jam-packed with great photographs, amazing CGI images, and amazing facts, as well as maps, timelines, and diagrams

This updated New Children's Encyclopedia is better than ever before, with the latest material and research for curious minds. Each section is arranged by themes, with more than 9,000 entries and 2,500 colourful images! Cross-reference icons are included to encourage children to explore and discover related information, feeding their curiosity and building their general knowledge. Whether you're after gifts for children who are eager to find out about the world, or a teacher looking for fascinating resource books for the classroom, this new encyclopedia is full of knowledge for inquisitive young readers.