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Published by DK Children

About Science

Explore the science innovations as you have never seen them with this visual guide.

From the humble beginnings of science, right through to today's information age - go on a journey through the history of science through its people, inventions, and discoveries. This updated 3rd edition explores astronomy, biology, geology, mathematics, and more in stunning visual detail.

Inside the pages of Science: The Definitive Visual History, you'll find:

- The most recent scientific discoveries across a variety of fields, from astronomy to genetics
- Scientific concepts explained using clear, instantly understandable text combined with informative diagrams and CGIs
- Feature spreads that illuminate the breakthroughs that changed the world
- "Before" and "After" panels allow the reader to follow a particular theme throughout the book

This fully comprehensive visual guide delves into the groundbreaking moments in science that changed the world. Explore the experiments, theories, and individuals and why each is so significant to developing scientific thought from Greek geometry to quantum physics. This science book also includes great scientists such as Zhang Heng, Isaac Newton, and Marie Curie and gives you more information about the people behind each discovery.

Updated to include the latest scientific developments, from recent advances in genetic engineering to the detection of gravitational waves 100 years after Einstein predicted their existence, Science is the ultimate gift for any science or history enthusiasts!