It Can't Be True! Poo!

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Published by DK Children

About It Can't Be True! Poo!

This book stinks!

Hold your nose while you find out absolutely everything you never knew about poo! Did you know that..

A week's worth of elephant poo weighs as much a 25 people?

A lifetime of farts would fill 2,000 balloons?

The world uses enough loo paper in an hour to wrap around the Earth 14 times?

This irresistibly disgusting book for children will teach you all you need to know about all kinds of animal dung and human waste - what it's for, how it's made, where it goes, and lots more!

Poo comes in all shapes and sizes. Every animal has its own special sort and some have fascinating uses for it. Wombats use their cube-shaped droppings to mark their territory; potato beetles build a shield of dung for defence; male hippos spray out a faecal shower to attract mates; and rabbits and dung beetles eat their pellets for extra nutrition. We might call it "waste" but in fact, poo is among the most useful stuff on Earth. From building materials and paper to coffee and even water purification, there's a multitude of manure-based matter in our lives.

This unique book is jam-packed with scientific explanations and amazing trivia about human and animal deposits. Did you know, for example, that the global population produces more than a million tonnes of poo every day? Or that an average poo contains 10 trillion bacteria? Or that wars have been fought over guano? All these facts and more are presented, either with jaw-dropping CGI illustrations or eye-popping photography. Additional boxes feature infographics that make information easy to understand.

With endlessly interesting information and incredible visuals, It Can't Be True! Poo is the perfect way to entertain and amuse your friends, family, and yourself. In fact, you'll never look at poo in the same way again!