Roxy the Butterfly

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Published by DK Children

By Frances Rodgers

Illustrated by Ben Grisdale

About Roxy the Butterfly

Discover how you can help adorable animals like Roxy the Butterfly to visit parks, outdoor spaces, and gardens!

Little ones will love following Roxy the Butterfly as she flutters around outside, finding wonderfully colourful flowers to feed on and a place to rest in after a long, hard day of exploring. But with some unfortunate bumps along the way, Roxy The Butterfly will need your help to save the day!

Will you volunteer as her little helper?

Soar straight into the pages of this adorable baby book to discover:

-20 beautifully illustrated spreads
-Engaging storyline that kids can follow and relate to, as the book refers to the wildlife that can be found in their own backyard garden or communal outdoor space
-Kids learn fun-filled facts about butterflies
-Thoughtful and timely message about protecting wildlife, with tips for doing so

This sweet picture book gently introduces young readers to the idea of animal conservation and protection. Bursting with fun trivia, little ones are shown just how unique butterflies are, which makes them worth preserving. Discover tons of top tips and tricks for how we can care for outdoor friends like Roxy and keep them safe from the dangers they may face, gently encouraging the fact that no one is too young to start making a difference. This sweet storybook is both a beautiful and accessible introduction to animals that little ones can find in their very own garden, complemented by top tips they can do to help sustain them in future.

Roxy the Butterfly is the perfect gift for any small-animal lover, or budding environmentalist, and will inspire toddlers to discover so much of what is unseen outdoors.

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