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Published by DK

By Mark Vorderbruggen

RRP: CA$29.99

About Foraging

Find edible plants anywhere in North America!

Foraged delicacies have become the latest foodie obsession. Wild edibles collected by professional foragers are proliferating on the plates of top-tier restaurants because they offer novel and ultra-fresh sensations for the tongue, and they frequently taste more flavorful than farmed foods. For people seeking new food experiences and wanting to forage for themselves, Idiot's Guides: Foraging shows how to find wild edibles and when and how to harvest them. Includes over 30 tasty recipes that describe how to prepare these wild foods.

- Includes common plants all across North America.
- Covers positive plant identification.
- Multiple large, full-color photos identify each plant (including the mature plant, how it looks at various stages of growth, and how it looks at the right stage of growth for harvesting).
- Each entry gives facts on the plant's habitat, physical properties, which parts are edible, harvesting sustainability, preparation, storage, and poisonous look-alikes.
More than 30 delicious recipes.
Includes range maps and charts that list plants by habitat and by season.