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Published by Alpha

By Lani Muelrath, Domyo Sater Burk

RRP: CA$28.99

About Mindfulness

Understand yourself and cultivate inner peace by living in the moment with mindulness practices.

Mindfulness means being consciously present and aware, in the specific moment and in your life in general. With regular practice, you can learn to be more conscious of and attentive to your body, feelings, and patterns of thought. Doing so will lead to greater knowledge and understanding of yourself. Better yet, the positive effects of regular mindfulness are easy to achieve!

This imperative guide includes:
-An overview of mindfulness, how it works, and how to practice it daily.
-Guidance on alleviating anxiety, depression, anger, and addiction.
-Tips on getting over your emotional hurdles by improving mental clarity and discipline.
-Advice on improving communication in your relationships with mindfulness.
-Advanced meditation methods to maximize the benefits of mindfulness.