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Published by DK

By Aggie Lal

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About InstaTravel

Discover breathtaking destinations. Have amazing adventures. Capture stunning photos.

Have you ever wanted to kiss a giraffe in Kenya? Or watch the sun rise from a jacuzzi in the Philippines? Or ride on a Vespa along the Amalfi Coast? Dream no more! Turn your fantasies into Instagram-worthy photos with help from Aggie Lal (@TravelInHerShoes), one of the pre-eminent Instagram travel influencers.

Pack your bags and grab your passport as Aggie takes you on a journey to her favorite places in the world. She'll share how to get from place to place, what to do for fun in each locale, and, of course, how to recreate her beautiful photos. Aggie can help you make the most of your budget by suggesting the best places to eat and the best places to stay. You'll also learn what you need to take with you, how to navigate cultural differences, and how to find props for your photos.

InstaStyle showed you how to create an amazing Instagram feed. Now InstaTravel can help you fill your feed with amazing photos that look just like those featured on @TravelInHerShoes. Enjoy this trip to potential Instagram fame--with Aggie Lal as your tour guide.