Beginning Investing

Paperback cover of Beginning Investing

Published by DK

By Danielle L. Schultz

RRP: CA$25.95

About Beginning Investing

Idiot's Guides: Beginning Investing helps the new investor understand all of the most common investment options, how to choose the right ones for your needs and goals, and how to increase your chances for success.

This book covers:

+ Self-assessment tools that help readers understand their own personal risk tolerance and choose the investment strategies that fit their needs.
+ Basics on the each investment type, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and more, with primers on each investment type, the basics on how to invest with each option, and how to improve chances for success.
+ The dos and don'ts of real estate investing, including what to pursue, and what to avoid when it comes to real estate. .
+ Simple strategies for investing in the bond market.
+ Tips and tricks for investing in stocks, including which types of stocks to avoid and which types to buy.
+ How to protect assets and invest using time-tested and sensible techniques.
+ Setting goals and investing for college, retirement, luxury purchases, and other common financial goals.
+ Managing investments and personal portfolios for both short term and long term gains.