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Published by Alpha

By David Williams

RRP: CA$28.99

About Drawing

This step-by-step, project-based approach to learning the fundamentals of drawing teaches the reader in the easiest way possible. This all-new basic drawing guide uses color to show the progression of strokes and techniques for completing 50 fun projects from scratch. It also gives readers an introduction to the tools and materials they need to get started drawing. Features include:

- 50 project-based lessons of increasing difficulty teaching the fundamental skills of drawing.

- Step-by-step illustrations of the techniques for drawing a variety of subjects.

- Color is used to show new strokes, making it easy to follow along and learn.

- A variety of the most important drawing subjects are featured, including people, animals, objects, landscapes, still-lifes, buildings, and more.

- Teaches basic concepts of drawing, such as contour, proportion, gradation, abstraction, texture, dimension, perspective, symmetry, light and shadow, texture, depth, and anatomy.