Fit Quickies

Paperback cover of Fit Quickies

Published by Alpha

By Lani Muelrath

RRP: CA$24.95

About Fit Quickies

Fit Quickies is an effective, research-driven collection of exercises for functional fitness and body shaping that cuts through the confusion of trends and complicated weight loss routines. It minimizes the time investment needed to see results, yet is honest about what is needed to achieve your fitness and body-shaping goals. Combined with the Fit Quickies food plan and mindset motivation guide, author Lani Muelrath delivers specific, surefire strategies for health, weight loss, and fitness success.

Targeted five-minute workouts include:
- A flatter belly
- Slimmer, shapelier thighs
- Firmer upper arms
- A tighter rear end
- A strong core
- PLUS the 3 Pillars Solution: food, fitness, and frame of mind