Bounce! Bounce! Bunny

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Published by DK Children

RRP: CA$9.99

About Bounce! Bounce! Bunny

Bunny feels like there's nothing that makes her unique, but she's about to discover that she's very special indeed!

Featuring familiar characters from Crunch! Munch! Bunny, join Bunny on a brand new journey as she tries to discover just what makes her special.

Teach your little ones all about the power of self-confidence and how they can learn to help others, in this sturdy board book ideal for preschoolers.

Hop along with Bunny as she meets her animal friends, including fluffy Little Lamb and Splashy Duck, and new friend Cat. Featuring playful rhyming text, this story is perfect for reading out loud again and again, and is the ideal Easter gift.

Colorful images of cute cuddly animal toys brighten every page and make this book a delight to read, as well as introducing your little one to animals on the farm.

Introduce your toddler to the farmyard and teach them the importance of believing in yourself with this fun springtime board book.