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Published by DK

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"<p>"Modern Flexitarian offers tips on how to<br>get started, sound advice on getting the<br>right nutrients and simple substitutions<br>for your favourite ingredients like milk, butter and cheese."</p>"

Derby Telegraph

About Modern Flexitarian

Embrace a healthier, flexible vegetarian and vegan lifestyle with the option of including meat and other animal products now and then!

Ethical meals and sustainable living have become hot topics, and making the lifestyle shift may take some time. But, making the full transition to vegetarian or vegan can be hard, and not something everyone wants to do. For those who want to get healthy, while cutting their meat intake, and environmental impact, the Flexitarian diet - with its mix of vegetarian and healthy recipes - might be the perfect way!

The Modern Flexitarian is filled with meat-free recipes, dairy-free meals and healthy cooking ideas with a twist. Each page features sustainable meals with suggestions on how to include meat, dairy, eggs or fish. Within the book, you’ll uncover;

   • More than 100 easy-to-prepare, flexible vegetarian or vegan recipes.
   • Every dish is accompanied by a full-color photograph.
   • Features recipes for every meal type, including breakfast and brunch, lunch, dinner, desserts and snacks.

The plant-based cookbook helps you eat more plants while moderating your meat consumption! The Modern Flexitarian is a wonderful resource for healthy cooking ideas that will inspire you to make more socially responsible meal choices. Although entirely giving up meat or animal-related products can be difficult, this book eases the process and inspires the most delicious meat-free meals!

This inspiring book is brimming with tips on how to get started, sound advice on getting the right nutrients, and a sample weekly menu. And with plenty of options from which to choose, you can still satisfy your cravings while reducing your impact on the environment and improving your health.