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Published by DK

By Petra Hawker

RRP: CA$18.99

"Combat the stress of the festive season andstart the new year as you mean to go on."

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About Sleep

Harness the power of sleep for optimal health and well-being

For total wellness, healthy sleep is as important as exercise and diet, but most people--even those who exercise conscientiously and always eat healthily--put little or no effort into ensuring they sleep well. New sleep science tells us that poor sleep is linked to obesity, diabetes, cancer, and a shorter life span. We also know that different people require different amounts of sleep, and that age and gender play a role in how much sleep we need and when we need it.

This book puts sleep in context as one of the foundations of good health and, crucially, gives you more than 50 practical sleep strategies so that you can reset your sleep patterns to suit you. It is the only accessible, giftable book, grounded in sleep science, to provide so many practical sleep strategies across such a broad spectrum.

How much sleep do you need at this point in your life? How can you prepare your body and mind for quality sleep? How can you improve your sleep hygiene and set up the right environment for good sleep? What (and when) should you eat and drink to encourage good sleep? And what do you do when, despite your best intentions, your sleep is disturbed by your newborn baby, stress, shift work, or jet lag? The targeted sleep-promoting meditation, movement, and stress-relief exercises, and strategies in this book are part of a 360-degree approach to sleep--making excellent sleep a reality for even the most challenged of sleepers.

Taking control of your sleep will enhance all areas of your life in ways you can't yet imagine. Wake up to the true power of sleep.