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By Edward Hallowell

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About ADHD Explained

A NYT best-selling doctor and TikToker offers a collection of quick-read insights to help a newly diagnosed generation understand ADHD

With a new wave of adult ADHD diagnoses sweeping the world, many are only just beginning to discover what it is that sets them apart, but few have learned what it takes to thrive ....

World-renowned ADHD expert, best-selling author, and TikTok sensation Dr. Edward M. Hallowell (a.k.a. Dr. Ned) demystifies this deeply misunderstood diagnosis in 100 lessons. What does ADHD tell us about our brains and how we think and act? Can it limit opportunities and connection? Does it offer cerebral superpowers? What strategies and medication can help lessen the difficulties of ADHD and instead boost its benefits?

Through simple science and must-know life hacks, FAQs, and debunked myths, transform your understanding of ADHD and learn to thrive. Each empowering page will unlock the potential and finally let people see the best in their or their friends', family members', or colleagues' ADHD. This is a fast-track introduction to ADHD-what it is, how it manifests, and ways to cope with it-inspired by Dr. Ned's viral videos, better known as "NedTalks." Brief entries and an easy-to-follow structure disseminate knowledge and the latest scientific findings in a style particularly suited to ADHD readers. As both an ADHD expert and a diagnosed patient, Dr. Ned blends a medical and personal take on the topic in this groundbreaking guide.