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Published by DK

RRP: CA$65.00

About Zoology

From tiny insects to sleek great white sharks and majestic elephants, this book invites you to explore the animal kingdom up close--from head to toe.

Whether you're interested in specific animal groups such as mammals or birds or have a passion for wildlife photography, this beautiful book will delight, fascinate, and surprise.

DK's elegant new introduction to wild animals is packed with dramatic photography and crystal-clear illustrations that explain how animals work, both physically and socially, celebrates their beauty, and describes how they are adapted to do different things and survive in different environments. The unique head-to-toe approach, with chapters on different body parts, allows you to focus in on the beauty of the antenna of a moth, the flight feathers of a parrot, or the feeding tentacles of a coral. Zoology also explores how we have depicted animals in art throughout the ages, from zoological drawings that recorded new discoveries to great paintings and drawings inspired by a deep connection to the natural world. With fascinating stories, such as how animals communicate, defend their territories, and attract mates, Zoology offers an engaging introduction to the extraordinary diversity of the animal kingdom.