Roxy the Butterfly

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Published by DK Children

By Frances Rodgers

Illustrated by Ben Grisdale

RRP: CA$13.99

About Roxy the Butterfly

A delightful picture book that informs young readers of how they can help the butterflies that like to visit their backyard

Step outside and find out about how you can help the adorable animals that like to visit your garden.

Little ones will love following Roxy the Butterfly as she sets off burrowing around your backyard garden, finding wonderfully colorful flowers to feed on and a cozy bug hotel to rest in after a long, hard day of exploring. But with bumps along the way, she’ll need your help, will you volunteer as her little helper?

This sweet picture book gently introduces young readers to the idea of animal conservation and protection. Bursting with fun trivia, little ones will learn how unique butterflies are, and what makes them worth preserving. There are plenty of tips and tricks on how we can care for garden-dwelling friends like Roxy to keep them safe from the dangers they may face. No one is too young to start making a difference.

Roxy the Butterfly is the perfect gift for any small-animal lover, or budding environmentalist, and will inspire toddlers to discover what is unseen in their gardens.