Paperback cover of America

Published by DK

By Alan Axelrod

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About America

Discover the stories that shaped our nation

Sure, you know that America's colonists won our independence from Great Britain, that Washington became our first president, and that Lincoln freed the slaves. But these key events merely scratch the surface of our nation's history and the moments that helped shape the United States into the rich, diverse, and complex country it is today.

America: History Examined explores the defining moments, decisions and people who have written our country's story up to now, including:

- The first people of America, with new archaeological and ethnographical findings
- An examination of the origins and course of the American Revolution
- The signing of the Declaration of Independence and creation of our Constitution
- The rise of Andrew Jackson and parallels with current American Populism
- A revealing look at the different causes that led to the American Civil War
- The World Wars and how they led to America's emergence as a superpower
- A critical examination of the Vietnam War and how it tested American pride
- Growing partisan gridlock, globalism vs. nationalism, and the dichotomy between the Obama and Trump presidencies