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Published by DK Children

By Jack Challoner

RRP: CA$25.99

About Maker Lab: Outdoors

Learn how to think like a scientist and discover the skills it takes to bring scientific theories and practical experiments together at home.

Maker Lab Outdoors takes kids on a journey to better understand the world of science that will keep the whole family curiously experimenting for hours.

Everything around your household is an apparatus. Maker Lab Outdoors book teaches your aspiring scientist how to use common household items to conduct dozens of mind-blowing science experiments. The book displays rich visual illustrations, easy to follow step-by-step instructions and rigorous attention to detail. It also contains activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Each science activity has a clear how it works explanation, revealing the fascinating science behind the experiments, along with real-world examples. The best way to learn is to have fun. This easy to read and understand book about science contains facts and experiments suitable for young aspiring scientists.

Learn The Science Behind Every Experiment

Play pretend your favorite scientist or become one at home. Maker Lab Outdoors takes you on a step-by-step guide on how to do sensational science experiments like creating enormous bubbles, explore freeze-thaw action and constructing a compass using everyday materials in the great outdoors. This book will inspire you to start conducting your own experiments and exploring the principles of science.

This interactive science book supports STEM education initiatives, a must have for every young scientist curious about their surroundings. Written by Author Robert Winston, a world-renowned scientist who has combined ground-breaking academic work with an ability to communicate ideas in a method of general understanding.

Maker Lab Outdoors explores the science of:
- Earth and Sky
- Water Power
- Nature Watch
- World of Weather
- Space
- And more

Maker Lab Outdoors: 25 Super Cool Projects features twenty-five science projects and experiments to be done outside using common household items, sparking kids' creativity and helping them develop science skills through hands-on learning.