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Published by DK

By Dana Angelo White

RRP: CA$25.95

About Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook

100 air fryer recipes for healthier breakfasts, mains, sides, snacks, and desserts with detailed nutritional information for each recipe, plus tips and tricks for getting the most out an air fryer as well as troubleshooting and how to solve potential problems.

Air frying is fast and convenient, but it's not easy to find air frying recipes that are healthy and delicious. The Healthy Air Fryer Cookbook contains 100 recipes that are absolutely delicious and also better for your health because they use less oil and contain healthier ingredients than traditional fried foods. Included in this book are better-for-you versions of traditional main dishes, breakfasts, sides (like French fries), desserts (like cookies), and more. You'll also learn how to use this versatile appliance to bake, roast, and grill many of your favorite fried foods-with fewer calories.

Author Info:

Dana White, MS RD ATC, is a registered dietitian and nutrition consultant. Dana is the nutrition expert for, the founding contributor for the website's Healthy Eats blog, and the author of First Bites: Superfoods for Babies and Toddlers.