Real Estate Licensing Exams

Paperback cover of Real Estate Licensing Exams

Published by DK

By Raymond D. Modglin

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About Real Estate Licensing Exams

Are you looking at career in real estate? With real estate on the upswing in much of America, more people are looking to become a real estate professional. Idiot's Guides: Real Estate Licensing Exams is an all-in-one comprehensive guide that contains both key prep review and testing practice, utilizing the latest information in real estate law, finance, and U.S. regulation and license requirements.

Idiot's Guides: Real Estate Licensing Exams includes:

+ 10 online practice tests and one final national exam, complete with solutions, covering all current test topics.
+ The most up-to-date key content coverage on contract, deeds, leases, mortgages, and real estate law.
+ Chapter conclusions with review Q&As to ensure reader comprehension.

Author Bio:

Raymond D. Modglin is the director of REAL University, a real estate pre-licensing and continuing education real estate school, a keynote speaker, and host of his own podcast "Real Estate with Raymond" where he gets to speak to and educate thousands of newly licensed and veteran real estate agents throughout Indiana, as well as other states. Raymond has written several books including, Introduction Into Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, Starting Your Real Estate Brokerage, The Hand Guide to Dumping your Debt, and The Modglin Mindset.

With over $100 Million in sales and 15 years in the business, Raymond has been able to help many clients buy, sell, and trade their residential owner-occupied and investment real estate along with commercial properties, including the largest short-sale in the Indiana in 2010 at a value of $11.4 Million in one deal.