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Published by DK Children

RRP: CA$28.99

About Where on Earth? Atlas

A vivid showcase of the most fascinating places on the planet through a collection of more than 75 3D maps that show not only where everything is, but also why it is there.

Marvel at the world's tallest buildings, find out where earthquakes are most likely to occur, and where you can find super cool, luminescent critters! This kid's atlas is divided into six chapters you can’t help but get lost in.

Where on Earth? is an educational book for kids that brings instant understanding to a plethora of fascinating subjects, stimulating interest in the world around us and drawing young readers into its pages and the topics they cover. Take a tour of planet Earth learning about what's where in the worlds of engineering and technology, art and culture, history, nature, Earth science, and human populations.

Find out where the world’s the most incredible dive spots are situated, exploring the wreckages of history’s long-lost sunken ships, and where to go if you want to scratch a whale's tongue! Discover Olympic cities, the Seven Wonders of the World, impressive physical geography, and the habitats of Earth’s big cats.

Every map contains fact panels that provide additional information and useful statistics, while focus features pull out and explain the most interesting facets for an even richer experience.

Explore The World – Learn In Spectacular Detail!

A fantastically fresh way of presenting geographical knowledge. The graphics are incredibly rich and detailed, and packed with fun facts about the world. It is easy to spend hours getting lost in these pages.

This fascinating fact book engages wide range of subjects including:
- Geography
- Nature
- People
- History
- Arts
- Entertainment
- Science
- Technology

It is the perfect kid’s educational book for school projects or simply for satisfying curiosity about the big beautiful world around us.