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Published by DK

RRP: CA$19.00

About Compact World Atlas

Featuring DK's outstanding cartography and eye-popping design, this fully revised 7th edition is an unparalleled visual reference of the world we live in.

With 65 maps covering 196 countries, this atlas combines improved visual landscape modeling with key roads, railways, rivers, and settlements. Throughout, it interweaves traditional cartographic techniques and the latest digital technology.

Compact World Atlas has been updated to reflect recent geopolitical changes such as the annexation of Crimea, the Inuit place names in Canada, and the populations of Chinese towns.

Fact files on countries help the reader understand facets of different nations including their population, religion, currency, while the comprehensive index-gazetteer of places and countries covers approximately 20,000 cross-referenced geographical names.

This comprehensive volume also features geographical comparisons such as the most sparsely populated countries, the ten richest countries, and the greatest waterfalls.

Truly encyclopedic, the Compact World Atlas is a necessary companion for any bookshelf.