Mixing Music

Paperback cover of Mixing Music

Published by DK

By Michael Miller

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About Mixing Music

Idiot's Guides: Mixing Music breaks down all the complex jargon for beginners and discussing a blend of skillful principles and techniques that anyone can utilize when mixing. It covers all the fundamentals from the various mixing styles, the element of a mix and how to build one, the rules of arrangement, the secrets of equalization and frequencies. This guide is packed full of expert advice and be platform neutral for any home mixer. Also includes:

+ In-depth review of budget-friendly music equipment and purchasing.
+ Chock full of tips, tricks, and techniques on perfecting mixes.
+ Easy-to-comprehend breakdown of terms and techniques that any mixer can master.
+ The fundamentals of music mixing, breaking the process down so readers understand the basics.
+ The building blocks of mixing: reverb, blend, size, tone, sustaining sound, delay types and how to calculate them, balancing, and sonic layering.
+ Reviews of the various mixing styles, rules for arrangement, and all the tips and tricks for adding effects and creating that perfect sound.
+ An exploration of the current mixing techniques and principles.
+ In-depth discussion on the essential home recording budget-conscious mixer needs, what equipment to purchase and what to avoid, and whether or not to use freeware.