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Published by DK

By Laura Williams, Noel Ferrin

RRP: CA$24.95

About Partner Workouts

The first full-color fitness book that teaches you how to actively engage a partner in your workout routine, Partner Workouts features 70 step-by-step exercises that utilize another person, either directly for resistance or indirectly for stability and balance. Forty workouts put these 70 bodyweight exercises, yoga positions, cardio, and more into routines, and three long-term, comprehensive exercise programs provide regimens so you and your partner can motivate each other to achieve your fitness goals over a period of time.

From choosing your partner and setting your goals to tracking your progress and nutrition, this step-by-step guide doesn't require a gym membership or expensive fitness equipment. So grab a friend and start your Partner Workouts.

Author Bio:

Laura Williams is a certified exercise physiologist with a master's degree in exercise science. After managing gyms for six years, she became a fitness writer and expert for, SheKnows and Thrillist, where she regularly publishes workouts, healthy lifestyle resources and fitness tips. When she's not busy writing content for other sites, she creates programs and workouts for fans of her own website, Girls Gone Sporty. She resides in Georgetown, TX, with her husband and two dogs, and has a blast doing partner workouts with her sister whenever she gets the chance.