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Published by DK

By Barbara Kunz, Kevin Kunz

RRP: CA$15.95

About Reflexology Deck

52 handy healing techniques in a portable, easy-to-access format, now refreshed with a new design.

This step-by-step photographic guide shows how reflexology works: by applying pressure to "reflex" points on the hands and feet, you can help to stimulate the body's natural powers of self-healing.

With the 52 techniques in the Reflexology Deck, you can relieve common ailments, from back pain to constipation and arthritis to high blood pressure. "Quick fix" routines can be used for relief in the office or even while on the go.

Let two of the most recognized authorities on this holistic therapy guide you through the healing process with Reflexology Deck.

Author Bio:

Kevin and Barbara Kunz are internationally recognized authorities in the field of reflexology. They have researched, taught, practiced and documented reflexology for more than 30 years. Barbara and Kevin Kunz have written 17 reflexology books, available in 57 foreign editions and 19 languages.