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Published by DK

By Nathalia Westmacott-Brown

RRP: CA$18.99

About Breathwork

Use the power of breath to energize your body and focus your mind

New science has revealed the effectiveness of breathwork to balance the body, focus the mind, relieve stress, control anxiety, address anger issues, and more.

Breathwork gives you more than 60 step-by-step techniques that you can use at home, with detailed illustrations and accurate expert advice on body position, depth of breath, speed of breath, visualization, duration, repetition, and how to do the techniques accurately and safely. Techniques covered include clarity breathwork, integrative breathwork, zen yoga breathwork, and rebirth breathwork.

Slow down, be aware of the breath, recognize your own unique rhythms, and then learn how to breathe mindfully and with control using different breath practices for targeted outcomes.