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Published by DK

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About The Triathlon Training Book

The Triathlon Training Book is your one-stop reference for training and competing in a triathlon. Find all the essentials you need to start training and improve your performance:

+ Clear, customizable training plans for all triathlon distances.
+ Step-by-step exercises to build your strength.
+ Incredible illustrations that explain efficiency and speed.
+ Expert advice on race-day strategy, nutrition, and equipment.
+ Trustworthy advice on treating common triathlon injuries and maintaining a healthy body.

Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned Ironman veteran, you'll find what you need in The Triathlon Training Book. There's even a special performance chapter with detailed anatomical artwork that explains the physiology and body mechanics for swimming, cycling, and running so you can see what's happening inside your body as you train.

Author Bio:

James Beckinsale (MSc and BTA Level 3) is one of the UK's leading high-performance triathlon coaches. Founder of Optima Racing Team in London and an Olympic and Commonwealth Games Coach, he has been training novice and elite athletes for 17 years. James has coached age-group triathletes to medal at World, European, and Ironman competitions, and his website is