What Makes Me, Me?

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Published by DK Children

By Robert Winston

RRP: CA$10.99

About What Makes Me, Me?

Why do you have brown eyes, hairy fingers, dangly earlobes, or knuckles that crack? Are you a thrill-seeker, a people-person, a computer whizz, or a social wallflower with a morbid fear of spiders? And if so, who's to blame - your parents or your genes?

What Makes Me, Me? is an age-appropriate tour of the tricky subject of biology and how genetic make-up and experience makes everyone unique. Find out what genes and chromosomes are for, why some people are left-footed but right-eyed, and what it takes to become an Olympic athlete or a chess grand master.

Diagrams, illustrations, updated images, and the easy-to-understand text in What Makes Me, Me? makes this difficult subject digestible, while tests and quizzes create a personal experience allowing children to see how the information relates to themselves.