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Published by DK

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About The Gluten-Free Cookbook

Living with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity? The Gluten-Free Cookbook proves you can love food, enjoy eating, and still live G-Free! This cookbook helps you avoid gluten and cook food that won't aggravate your celiac disease or cause you gluten sensitivity. Through extensive research and kitchen tests, we've found recipes, home-cooked favorites, and menus that allow anyone with gluten sensitivity to eat well while eating gluten-free.

Cut out the wheat, but keep the flavor - that's the challenge, and we meet it with each and every recipe and technique in The Gluten-Free Cookbook. We pack more than 22 delicious and carefully tested recipes into this book, including gluten-free recipes for everything from tasty breakfasts, healthy lunches, easy dinners, and quick snacks. For food that's gluten-free and incredibly delectable (and gorgeous, too), reach for The Gluten-Free Cookbook, revised and updated with new recipes.